Infographic: The Science Behind The Most Popular Items On eBay

In the last 30 days, we analyzed data from 232,870,994 sold items on eBay. (YES, that’s over 232 million…)

We used, a new eBay marketplace research tool that helps eBay sellers to find new trends and 'Hot Items', in any eBay category and sub-category from 4 eBay marketplaces: (eBay US), (eBay UK), (eBay Australia), (eBay Germany)

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How To Use This eBay Infographics Report? 

We crated the infographics below, to represent the data in a more easy and fun way.

Some answers you will find in this infographics are:

- What are the most converting eBay categories?

- Which item condition sells more on eBay: New or Used?

- How many items were sold in the last 30 days on eBay?

- On which eBay Marketplace should you sell your item?

And much more…

So here it is:

“The Science Behind The Best Items to Sell on eBay”

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