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How You Could Dropship Your Way to Financial Freedom

An entrepreneurial mindset, an inquisitive nature, and a bit of starting capital are all you need to generate enough internet income to ‘live the dream’ and become completely financially independent. Dropshipping is the hassle-free way to make money from eBay, and it carries a number of distinct advantages for people who are just starting up. With […]

We Analyzed 961,668 eBay Item Titles. Here’s What We Learned About eBay SEO

We analyzed 961,668 eBay item titles to better understand how eBay’s search engine works.  Specifically, we looked at the correlation between average sales per day and title length — like character count and word count per title. We also examined the use of Top Searched Keywords in the item title to better understand the influence of these […]

How to Increase Your eBay Dropshipping Business’ Sales by 127% Doing This One Simple Step

In 2017, many eBay sellers will turn to the dropshipping business model and use automatic software and services like PriceYak, dshopit, salefreaks, and others in order to automatically list and reprice items from Amazon to eBay. ​TLDR: ​When using dropshipping you should change your eBay item title Changing your eBay item title will increase your item […]

The Only Guide you need to Craft the Perfect Product Listing

There is so much online chatter about creating the perfect listing for your online store. But how do you actually write a product listing to optimize your sale as search ranking? Here are some tips about how to write to sell. Tip # 1: Choose your Keywords Keywords are the basis of a product listing. […]

Infographic: The Science Behind The Most Popular Items On eBay

In the last 30 days, we analyzed data from 232,870,994 sold items on eBay. (YES, that’s over 232 million…) We used, a new eBay marketplace research tool that helps eBay sellers to find new trends and ‘Hot Items’, in any eBay category and sub-category from 4 eBay marketplaces: (eBay US), (eBay UK), (eBay Australia), (eBay Germany) FREE […]

eBay Cassini Algorithm Basics – What You Should Know Before Listing on eBay

The key concept for understanding eBay search going forward is that its development is oriented toward using all of the data available to eBay to meet the immediate needs of eBay shoppers as they search for products to buy. eBay’s goal is to treat search as a way to connect every shopper to the listings and sellers […]