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The Secrets Behind eBay Best Match Algorithm

After spending hours researching how exactly best match on eBay works and eBay SEO, I now have the answer.

eBay Best match is designed to really help the customer find what they are looking for. So it makes sense to first ensure that your listing title is filled with relevant words and exclude all irrelevant words.

Don’t include any abbreviations and definitely not words that people won’t be typing in to find your item. However do include your item’s brand name, use multiple descriptive words that convey what you are selling and use up to the full 55 characters. Oh and make sure you use correct spelling… funnily enough some forget this part.

If you haven’t noticed yet, eBay is a very price sensitive market. So before we go too further its important you sell a product that has room to drop the price lower if needed. Why I say this is because eBay compares your price to what the top seller in the market is selling at.

So look into markets with high profit margins and ones where you can sell your item for the same price as the top sellers do. To be able to compete you’ll need to make your offer better, look more professional and look like the experts, make it clear you know the product better than everyone else does on eBay.

It’s also vitally to focus on customer satisfaction. If you are not already, being a top rated seller will really boost your positioning on best match. But you need to know that people who are not top rated sellers might still be above you because they have more relevant keywords in their title and because they are cheaper… so by nailing all three points you will be further up the list

Offer free shipping or ensure your shipping price is very accurate this will help with your eBay best match also.

Additionally if the item your selling has a brand, you need to include the items UPC’s (universal product code) and the manufacture’s part number (MPN) to hit another eBay criteria

Include good multiple images and use multi-variation where possible as well.

Use the item specifics on eBay and give us much information about the item as you can, so list its features, attributes and what kind of condition its in.

Opt for fixed price listings with FREE shipping to score bonus points and have a good score on your dashboard as well.

The number of sales per impression you receive will also increase your position on eBay best match… this is very important.

So to recap you need to do the following to have eBay Best Match and eBay SEO work:

· Price competitively

· Focus on customer satisfaction

· Offer Free Shipping

· Write effective titles

· Include unique identifiers

· List in the correct category

· Provide as many item specifics as possible

· Use product detail from eBay’s catalogue

· Use multi-variation listing where possible

· Chose the appropriate listing format where possible

· Write a clear description

· State your terms clearly for the customer

· Have high quality pictures

Once you have implemented all the above strategies you will see an increase in your position and in your sales.