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How To Become eBay Top Rated Seller?

Nowadays, increasingly more people use online shopping because of the facilities it offers. However there are many user concerns regarding this trade, ie selling products on online auction sites.

The main problem of buyers and sellers is the fact that nobody knows for sure who the person is behind a username.

How do we know who we can trust when using online commerce sites?

eBay has responded to this problem and created a feedback system in order to give users a clear image of the people who come into contact, in a deal online. This feedback system requires that, after the end of each transaction, it is preferable that each of the two participants, leave a comment on each other's profile on success / failure of the transaction, and a corresponding rating.

Depending on how the closing of the transaction, the ratings can be of three types: negative, neutral and positive. Their main aim is to enable users to build their reputation in this market, but also marks plays a "guide" in choosing potential business partners.

Over time, each online auction site passed this feedback system, which was the benefit of users. It is clear that users with positive are considered reliable, and their products are followed with greater interest by potential buyers. However, there are cases in which a seller has 90% positive ratings, but 3-4 negative ratings. In these situations it is preferable to study very well such as Bad as it is possible that the person trying to fool the buyer and the transaction will be successful only for him. Also, though, could that many sellers have satisfactory ratings (between 98 and 100%), it is preferred that they also have a considerable number of feedbacks. Can have a 100% positive rating and a seller who has only 3 sales.

A seller with little feedback can be considered as "beginner", even if it has a good rating. Potential buyers can take advantage of beginners mind when they buy expensive items at a price below the optimal level. If the auction, the buyer has the chance to be among the only ones who bid, and may win the auction, buying product at a very low price. Seller will be classified in this case, but you get the loss.

A positive rating does not necessarily mean that the seller has sold only 100% perfect products.

It is recommended that the user, as a buyer, do not give negative or neutral ratings if you do not like something. It is preferable to begin a conversation between buyer and seller, to clarify any issues and reach an agreement favorable to both parties, and then to give the qualifier. It is known that some nationalities (Chinese) are very concerned about the grade received and would do anything to get one satisfactory. I am even willing to partial refinancing in exchange for positive feedback.