eBay Search Engine Secrets – Improve Your Listing Location on Search Engine Results

Getting traffic to your eBay Stores is vital to your success. Some of your listings will show up in eBay search depending on the competition for that item and else where on eBay. It does help to have a balance of store / auction items and use cross promotions.

There are some basic SEO Tricks that you can use which will help your page rank well within the external search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Listing Title: Include at least 1-3 important keywords or keyword phrases in your listing title.

Listing Description: Include at least 200 words of visible copy in your listing description, with the most important keyword phrases mentioned at the beginning and end. Remember to employ other content best practices, such as the frequent use of keywords where relevant and formatting (e.g., bolding, using font size on important titles and keywords)

SEO ( eBay Stores Search Engine Optimization ) is necessary to bringing in off eBay traffic.

Keywords ( pertinent words / phrases regarding what you sell ) should be your main focus - mix it up a bit.

When you Create Your eBay Store and use keywords in your store name - it's not too late to change it if you already have one

Have a great full store description that includes keywords.

Use and turn on your store header with relevant key words.

Make use of your best keywords when naming your store categories.

Change your search engine keywords as the eBay created ones are just based on your item descriptions. You can find this when managing your store under marketing tools - search engine keywords.

Create About Me Page and have links to your store on it.

Use the About Me page to provide visible content about your business and products. Your About Me page is also a great place to include text links to your Store, search results and specific promotions. When using images, remember to include Alt Tags. Remember to also use keywords in your about me page as it gets indexed also.

Use catalogs/item specifics whenever possible and add custom descriptions to supplement available catalog content. A custom product description is important in making your content unique.

(catalog-supported categories of Books, Movies, Music, and Games)

Customize Your eBay Store to create brand recognition and at the same time make custom pages which will also be indexed.

Turn on your xml/rss feed.

Submit your listings to external engines via xml Exporting Your Listings

Make your listings available to search engines and shopping comparison sites. This could be the most important thing you can do.

Paid Keyword Ads such as Google Ads are a great way to bring in traffic and can easily pay for themselves as eBay will give you 75 % of your final fee values back by qualifying for the Store Referral Credit.

Use your store url as a link from your main website if you have one. If not you may be able to find someone willing to give you a link. Links to your store are great when coming from a reputable site.

Always use your store signature and links in your emails - you can even in many cases use a referral link to get some of your fees back.

Search Engine Optimiztion basic Do's and Don'ts GREAT LIST

It does take time for the spiders to find your eBay Store and update the engines so you may not see immediate rise in your ranking but it will come.

Use eBay's Reviews & Guides, and write a product review or a guide on topics related to your business or products. Sellers should link to their store or search results from guides to bring even more buyers.

A couple more marketing tips for your store:

Make use of your promotional flyer to promote your items.

Create a blog with your listings and link to your store. (this will help with seo also)

Create a newsletter and use it.