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eBay Auctions Strategy – How Does it Really Work?

There are several types of auctions form which can sell products on eBay.

Increasing price auction (The Ascending-Price Auction) - is a type of auction known as "English auction", and is best used on the eBay site because the products are offered at an opening price, and as the potential buyers Offer the product, its price increases.

The auction reserve price (The Reserve - Auction Price) - is a method similar to the price increasing, the difference being that set a minimum sale price by the seller, but it is not viewable by prospective buyers. If bidding does not reach the price fixed by the seller, eBay does not allow the seller to sell the product.

Fixed price auction (The Fixed - Price Auction) - this type of auction is called eBay and "Buy it now" (Buy Now) the seller sets a price at which it is willing to sell the product in time without waiting for the auction to end, and the buyer agrees to the amount set by the seller will pay for the item and finalize the tender.

Dutch auction (The Dutch Auction) - allows a faster sale of several identical items, buyer specifying both the price he is willing to pay and number items that wants to purchase them. This type of auction is a relatively new format for eBay users.

Private auction - auction where bidders identity is hidden.

Restricted tender (The Restricted - Access Auction) - is an auction for people who want to find / avoid products labeled as "Adult". In this type of auction, bidders must provide the site credit card information in order to verify age.

How does bidding on ebay ?

Simple, but not the same as a traditional auction . You provide such a few differences: the bidder or supplier shall establish end his bid for a certain day, hour, minute and second display current level reached last offer made different ( display rules are made public). Within this platform there are also sales at a fixed price , offers permanent and other trade options .

The eBay auction is removed daily million items, new or used , such as items for collectors, decorators , home appliances , electronics , tools , furniture , cars and spare parts, jewelry , clothing, music CDs or software , books and much, much more . Since 2005 sold commercial and industrial objects . Some are unique objects of great value, but others can be thrown into the garbage . In general it can sell any items provided are not illegal (drugs, contraband , counterfeit money, etc. ) And not contrary to the domestic rules set by eBay. Vendors are always required to describe the object on sale as accurately and can introduce photographs of the object, being responsible for the correctness of description. May also be put up for sale or auction and services, not only objects.

The advantage of this site is that you can buy products at reasonable prices (sometimes even at prices 2 to 3 times lower), the products are varied (there are over 1 million products in each category) and PayPal gives you up to 20 000 euro compensation if they do not receive the command performed.