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Top eBay Categories – what are the best categories on eBay?

On the eBay site, the products listed are divided into 36 broad categories, each of them having other subcategories.

There are some Free and Commercial tools that shows you exactly What To Sell on eBay, but even from names of the Major categories on eBay - you can get 100's of idea about the best selling product and niches on eBay.

Top eBay Categories are:

· Antiques

· Art

· Art for toddlers

· Books

· Business and Industry

· Cameras and Accessories

· Cars, boats, vehicles and parts

· Mobile Phones and PDAs

· Donate to charity

· Coins and banknotes

· Collectables

· Computers and equipment

· Dolls and Plush Toys

· Electronics

· Objects entertainment

· Fashion Articles

· Gift Cards and Coupons

· Health and Beauty

· Jewelry and Watches

· Other electronics

· Movies and TV

· Music

· Msical Instruments

· Articles for animals

· Glass and Pottery

· Real Estate

· Specialized Services

· Sport and Fan Shop

· Sportswear

· Postage

· Tickets

· Toys and Hobbies

· Travel

· TV, video and audio

· Video Games

· Other / Various.

eBay Inc. is a leading online shopping and e-commerce, the largest company in the world focused on online auctions. The company owns several websites and conduct internet business, eBay being the main application of the company with that name.

As we all know, millions of items (equipment, appliances, equipment, furniture and décor items, computers, vehicles, etc..) Are listed, or purchased daily on eBay.com website. Moreover, in 2006, eBay launched business class & industrial field, proving a success in this category.

In general, any item can be traded on eBay.com, as long as it is not illegal and does not violate the company's policy on prohibited or restricted items.

Also, you can sell services and intangibles; an illustrative example of this is given by multinational companies such as IBM, who choose to newest products and services on eBay using competitive auctions. Individual sites, such as eBayU.S. or eBayUK, allowing users to make payments in local currency.

However, over the years, there were various controversies related to certain items offered for auction on eBay.com. For example, in 1999, a man has put on sale one kidney, seeking positive outcomes from market players organ transplants activity deemed illegal in theUnited States. As such, the company is trying to eliminate auctions that violate its terms of service.

In April 2006, the corporation has opened a new site called eBay Express, designed to work like a standard online shopping site for consumers who are residing in theUnited States. EBay Express, users could purchase best quality items using a shopping cart in order to purchase from several vendors. This site was closed two years later.

In addition, eBay supports a number of specialized sites. For example, eBay Pulse provides information on the most popular search terms, trends, as well as the most watched items. eBay comes with a strong offer in terms of mobile applications, including SMS alerts, a WAP site, application, Android OS and Apple iPhone application available in certain markets.

The best part of the company is represented by a website specializing in finding the most unusual items traded on eBay.com. Moreover, users can vote or nominate elements as they are less common.